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Arduino games

Last semester I developed, alongside other schoolmates, two small, proof-of-concept Unity games that used Arduino-driven devices, such as ultrasound emitter-detector pairs.  These were done for a subject called Advanced Interaction Techniques, that also included an introduction to Machine Learning.

I will sum up both in a few lines:

Nave Especial

This was a low-poly action game, where you had to survive as much time as possible without losing all your ship’s health. The ship tilted using the ultrasound emitter-receptor pairs placed at each side, and you could aim to the enemy ships using the center ones.

This was a blast to do, as we learned the basics of Arduino communication with Unity.

Duck Punk

This game was also very fun to develop, as we experimented more with unconventional control methods. For this project we used an accelerometer and gyroscope device for the controls, embedding them on a shotgun shaped case.

The game consisted, as the previous one, on surviving, but this one made a focus on different stances and gameplay rythm. You had to tilt the shotgun, as well as shoot it thrusting it forward holding firmly the handle.


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