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Relabeat: Interactive Procedural Music

Relabeat is a procedural music project consisting of a procedural music generator and a demonstration of its capabilities through a game. It was made in relationship with my Degree’s Final Project, in Unity and in collaboration with Pablo Caballero, that advised me with his musical knowledge and generated the musical samples.

First and foremost, Relabeat was about generating music that could be understood as organic and human-made.

Instead of relying on external sound engines like FMOD or Wwise, the whole system was built on C# with direct connection to Unity so that the many layers and data could be strongly tied to gameplay or visual elements.

When a solid enough music generation was consolidated, a demo game was developed to showcase the possibilities of the former. I am proud to show you the gameplay:

This project was graded 10 out of 10, and I am currently working on improving the music system looking forward to publish it and/or publishing and in-depth article on how it works.

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