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Homo Shapens

Homo Shapens is an educational game, done alongside five other partners (check them at the bottom), for a subject called Design for Educational Games. You can ckeck out its page here.

This project had the aim of introducing in a transparent way the users to Computational Thinking (understood in a broad way), and we set our goals higher trying to input the least quantity of text possible, inspired in games like The Witness & others.

The game consists in 4 kind of puzzles that the player has to learn about and resolve, with infinite tries. For the sake of fun, I will let you discover them.

I made Homo Shapens alongside:

  • Néstor Luís Zapata Díez
  • Aurelio Puerta Martín
  • Carlos Costa Mengíbar
  • Dieco Maciá Torregrosa
  • Kiko Alfaro Moscardo

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