Lemon Blade

After delivering Game Engines’ project (a Videogames’ Design & Development subject), I can openly talk about a game I have been developing for 3 months alongside two partners:


Lemon Blade is a 1st Person Shooter where you take the place of San, a dire lemon cast away to the Spirit Realm by his clan, the Makedonia, that does not recognise him as a fruit. Each night, San has to fight against the furious souls of his ancestors, but after so much time there, he has learnt to use the power of the spirits for his survival.


The purpose of the game is to survive as much time as possible, fighting against powerful enemies like the swift spearits or the skilled straw-murai, while you jump from one surface to another, changing the perspective and the gravity of the whole map for you and your enemies.

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While you play, you will see your rank and where the next one is placed on the timeline, so you can focus on surpass your friends and yourself, mastering San’s skills.

You can check it the alpha version right now on itch.io in the link below.

Itch.io page: https://jmpizana.itch.io/lemon-blade

My two partners were:


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